When visiting the clinic, you must have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and an insurance policy for compulsory medical insurance. To receive medical care under the Territorial Program of State Guarantees, you must be attached to a city polyclinic.

List of specialists (primary care specialists) to whom primary self-recording is available by order of the Moscow City Health Department dated December 20, 2012 No. 1470 “On optimizing the work of maintaining an appointment with a doctor in electronic form”:

  • General doctor
  • Therapist
  • Local therapist
  • Urologist
  • Surgeon
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Otorhinolaryngologist

Consultations of other specialists and research are carried out ONLY in the direction of general practitioners, local general practitioners or specialist doctors available for self-registration.

You can sign up for an appointment in the following ways.
1. Through the infomat in the Polyclinic
2. Through the public services portal of Moscow "pgu.mos.ru" «Make an appointment»
3. On the website «Emias.info» emias.info
4. Through the free mobile application «EMIAS.INFO» iOS and Android
5. By phone of the Single Recording Center (TSC): 8(495) 539-30-00


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